Wave in Bali, Indonesia

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Sure. Just kind of a rule of thumb, the steepest nicest waves generally are going to be breaking in pretty shallow water. That’s what makes it work. The swell comes out of deeper water and hits the shallow water of the reef, rock, or sand bottom and jumps up and out and breaks in that beautiful wave shape. The shape is determined by the formation of the bottom. Ideally the bottom is going to be angled so the wave doesn’t break all at once, but it peels down the reef like the wave in the picture. The better the shape of the bottom the better the wave. But that’s the rule: the steeper and hollower the wave; the shallower and more sketchy the bottom.

Also before you go out anywhere new, please please check out the situation thoroughly. Us locals hate peeling your ass off the bottom because you didn’t know what you were getting into.

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