Salt-collecting pools at Salinas, Peru

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I was there a while ago.

You cant really tell from the picture but [the place is huge there are thousand of those pools] (,ZQqZWfe,70c6Vho,6Ezkitz#1) and they are really shallow and have [little canals connecting them so that they can control flow and drying time.](,ZQqZWfe,70c6Vho,6Ezkitz#2)

If i remember correctly there are hundreds of owners from individuals to small communities who own their own salt pools

The salt is all shoveled by hand because of the terrain mostly and poverty also plays a roll. [Where they store the salt](,ZQqZWfe,70c6Vho,6Ezkitz#0) look like a drug ware house, so much white powder!

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