My favorite sunset location…Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, a neighborhood in San Diego, CA

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Thanks! I shoot with the Sony A7R, great for landscape/ cityscape photographers. It has a 36 Mega Pixel sensor which is great for scenes with a lot of dynamic light (sunsets and sunrises). I also shoot RAW format and use Lightroom to process them and adjust the exposure, highlights and shadows, etc…then will export the images into Photoshop for a few more minor adjustments and some sharpening.

The best lens I use is Zeiss 16-35mm 4.0 and 35mm 2.8…both are great for wide angle shots and both are extremely sharp!

In addition I used lens filters. Especially the neutral density filters and the graduated neutral density filter…these both allow me to slow the shutter and balance the sky which is great for beachscape shot! The filter system I use is Lee Filters.

Since all my shots are tripod only “land and city” scapes…my F-Stop is always F11 or F16 so the whole scene is always sharp. My shutter speed will determine my subject matter…if my scene has movement (water, cars, clouds, etc) then I will add a neutral density filter to “slow down” the shutter and get a unique look…takes a lot of experimentation so I arrive about an hour before I photograph to take a few sample shots…finally, this is s must but I always, always use a shutter release control…when your finger touches the shutter, just that slightest vibration can cause your photo to look a little out of focus so best to keep the camera completely still and stabilized so you get the sharpest photos as possible.

Finally I just overshoot and always bracket, taking photos at different exposures to get the exposure right. I uses the -2, 0 +2…on average I shot about 200 pics each time I go out because the light is always changing and sometimes the light is best 30 mins before the sun goes down than 30 mins after the sun, just depends on the sunset…good luck and let me know if you need any suggestions or have a Flickr page or online portfolio!

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