Top 1000 Water Pictures

Sacred Waters

You are correct, that would be the [Xkeken Cenote](

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is what I ask myself every time I go to Amsterdam. The way they park right by the canals looks treacherous. They even do it after there has been snow and they don’t grit the roads. Insanity, I tell you!

Beautiful Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Local here: yes, you can go swimming! The beach costs ten a car to park near. It’s best not to go on weekends or holidays because it gets very crowded. The main beach has some amazing [rocks to jump off]( and the water is

Bubble Ring

I will do my best to explain. It’s much easier to show in person. First you need a source of O2 underwater or be able to hold your breath for a while. A weight helps a lot to keep you anchored to the bottom.

A very frozen Niagara Falls.

Can we discuss the process of a waterfall freezing and the implications up stream? What end does the falls start to freeze at? Top? Bottom. I could make and break a case against both ways… energy, exposure to the cold, vantage to the sun…

Beach Foam

The sea is full of organic surfactants (proteins, lignins, lipids) from organisms naturally. That’s what ‘sea foam’ is; so I don’t think it’s related to an oil spill. The shimmering ‘rainbow’ is due to destructive and constructive interference of light bouncing around in the

Dive in movie theater

Sure you can, but you have to be socio-economically positioned for your work to pay off. And have to have the right aptitudes to do the work that pays well, something else you get from your parents via genes and their care. Do you

Where gin clear water meets greyish glacial water, Beiar river, Norway

Similar thing here in Austria, [on the left the dirty looking Lavant on the right the green Drau]( (It looks way cooler if you actually [stand here](

Port Launay, Seychelles

Seychelles is quite expensive. You could probably live there in the hills and mountains if you were homeless though, the water is fresh and there are plenty of fruits and other things to sustain you. I lived there 18+ years and wondered about that

Gullfoss, Iceland

Gulfoss is on most of the basic tour packages you can take out of Reykjavik on the Golden Circle tour, you go see some geysers, gullfoss and you go to Þingvellir (thingvellir). This picture is just of the top drop of gulfoss, [here’s a

Ant pushing a water droplet

Ok I’ll be the guy to call it out. That looks like a glass bead, not a water droplet. * It’s perfectly spherical. Water drops on even the most hydrophobic surfaces are clearly [deformed.]( * There is a sharp edge where the water on

Sailing into a storm

A man overboard! What matters it? The vessel does not halt. The wind blows. That sombre ship has a path which it is forced to pursue. It passes on. The man disappears, then reappears; he plunges, he rises again to the surface; he calls,

Pebble Beach, CA

As an interesting side-note: The company that owned the land claimed a copyright on images of this tree a while back. More of the story [here](
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