Top 1000 Water Pictures

Clear Waters at Minorca, Spain

I’d say the colors have been edited a little bit. They pumped up the saturation to make the water look more “pretty”. As well as editing the colors, it looks like they took the picture with a polarized lens on the camera to reduce

Crater Lake, Oregon

Took it this past Memorial Day weekend! We were really lucky. It was cloudy when my other friend went on Saturday, so we weren’t expecting much. Fortunately the sky was incredibly clear on Sunday morning when I snapped this picture 🙂 what an otherworldly

Anderson Falls. Indiana

This was one of my first attempt at HDR. I love water. At certain points I was in the middle of this river, with it flowing much too fast for my liking, tripod set up, getting as low as I could, hoping I didn’t

A flooded shack in between two gorges. Germany

[It looks like Obersee Lake in Germany](…0.0…1c.1.12.img.2wtL_1hfXI0&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45960087,d.dmg&fp=db07c72a0f91ed14&biw=1294&bih=950)

Sea Foam

Only Source I could Find: Clicking further back for the contest info renders broken pages. I linked to imgur due to the image I found being substantially larger than the NG source.

Moon bridge in Dahu Park, Taipei

This showed up on Facebook the other day. I grew up and live in Taipei. Everyone (friends who also live in Taipei) was like “WTF, how come I’ve never seen this place?!”. My girlfriend used to live right next to this park. I have

Blue mountain lake

[Higher-resolution version](×1600.jpg) 2,772 kB (2,560 x 1,600) 178% ^(mikemcdeem [OP] may directly remove this comment by clicking) [^here.](

Island in the Bahamas

No filter was used. I shot this in 2005 when I was still using a film camera and all the shots from this day have a slight pinkish hue to them. From what I have read it could be bad film, bad processing, or


No, at least not by much. Obviously the side of the planet facing the sun will be closer than the dark side, but the difference is tiny (one earth diameter, the sun is MUCH further than that). At certain points of our orbit it


Rain has always had some kind of majesty for me. Does anyone have any other rain pictures that they love?

Monuriki Island, Mamanucas, Fiji

I wouldn’t mind if someone made a bot that posts very specific travel information on every post in the SFW Porn network. Because a lot of times I see these pictures and I’m like “… how do I get there. Now.”

Vortices form beneath a wave

Anyone care to explain how those vortices formed? I thought I’d seen most everything from under waves, but apparently not. Surfers riding ahead of the wave? A really fast current going out (rip/tidal/backwash)? Or just crazy pressures forming at high speed?

Blue cave in Greece

I know it’s likely an impossibility but for some reason I immediately think of being trapped in there with the water level rising. I’m neither claustrophobic nor afraid of water but this cave really freaks me out.

A beautiful summer by the lake, in the Italian Dolomites

Source: [Braies Lake]( by [Giorgio Galano]( on []( Available for [HD Download]( and [Framed Print]( Request for [Royalty Free License](

narnia, florida

According to a reverse image search this place is called [Blue Spring State Park]( and is west of Orange City, Florida.

Niagara falls at winter

The waterfalls are lit up at night.