Top 1000 Water Pictures

Sri Lanka

No. I found it online. I could not find the name of the person who took it, however. 🙁

At sea.

I’m semi-new at posting photos; for all you veterans out there – what is the best way to protect/copyright your images you post on the net? I put my name in the EXIF data, but is that all I can do?

Amazing Indoor Pool

That’s probably why all the doors are there. It looks like it’s at a hotel and they just combined the pool area with a small lounge.

Something a little bit different. SAIL Amsterdam.

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Go Surfing

That sounds amazing. Reminds me of this spot in Santa Cruz where the waves rush into this deep indent in the side of West Cliff and sends water shooting way up into the air. I want to say tens maybe hundreds of thousands of

Lake Erie by Dave Sandford

Some details on the photos: According to the photographer’s [Instagram page]( they were taken in Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada. Here’s his [official website]( and an [article]( with details about the photos themselves.

Surf, Ericeira Portugal

It looks like three is a guy in the water behind the wave with an automatic flash synced up to the camera. There isn’t a spotlight from shore because the surfer is silhouetted and the light is coming from behind. The sky is just

Natural stone organic pool

The idea with a natural pool like this is that you have plants and organics that do the cleaning instead of chemicals or mechanicals. People go swimming in ponds all the time; a pool like this is designed with a similar ecology so it

Rapids in Iceland

I don’t think so. I just got back from Iceland last week and I’m pretty sure this is a picture of Gullfoss (part of the Golden Circle) and Prometheus was filmed at Dettifoss in the Northeast part of the country.