Top 1000 Water Pictures

Houses by the water in Rovinj, Croatia

The details on the right are incorrect, but the description says: > The apartment on the 2nd floor has 70 sqm of net area and consist of one entry hall, a kitchen, a bathroom, the living room, one large bedroom and another small bedroom

Rainbow on the sea near Sicily, Italy

People who downvoted you are ignorant. [Photoelasticity]( is a well-known phenomenon. Light reflected from a transparent material surface, like seawater, becomes polarized. Stresses in the plastic window of the airplane rotate the polarization. When you take a photograph of the surface using a polarized

Vintage Waterporn

What you’re saying is true. I have some evidence but it raises more questions. For starters I’ve been reading both Arabic (right-to left) and English (you should know you’re reading this) my whole life. It’s a matter of going “oh the book flips this

Nugget point lighthouse, New Zealand

Not really, I think that shadow is coming from the cliffs behind the camera, not the point with the lighthouse. the lighthouse doesn’t sit high enough to cast a shadow like that. Then again, its been a few years since [I was there](, so

Mangroves at high tide, Port Phillip Bay.

Yeah, I got poked a lot. The roots get taller as you approach the plant, so I couldn’t get any closer than I was for that particular shot. I had to be really careful not to damage anything – slow movements and really tiny,

The Sargasso Sea

I study metals and viruses in the ocean, but other people use the vessel to record a time series of changing physical, chemical, and biological ocean data.

Under a wave

You know, I have been having a really shitty fucking night. I like water pictures a lot. Sometimes this shit gets stupid with the same crazy colorful “inside the barrel shots at sunset” shit. Thanks for posting this. This is an incredible picture and

Under the pier, Anastasia State Park, FL

Concrete doesn’t exactly rust but the steel reinforcement rebar inside it will. When the rebar rusts it expands and will fracture the concrete. Concrete naturally has a basic pH around 13.5 which allows steel to form a protective layer on it but high salt

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

If you’re on or near the east coast of the US and like tropical islands, it’s a wonderland. The beaches are beautiful, there’s plenty of historical sites, and the weather is great! It has a large British influence and feels much safer than the

Niagara Falls

The American side is worth visiting though. Three Sister island has a lot of nice walks where you can get right up to the rapids as the water nears the falls (you can easily step into the river if you are so inclined where

Natural pool in Turkey

It has a natural spring but it was also used as a pool during the Roman occupation at Hierapolis. The site is located in Pamukkale Denizli/Turkey. Pamukkale means cotton castle. one of the coolest places.

Divers, Easter Island

[Higher-resolution version]( (2048 x 1536, 4291 kB) 328% *DFGdanger (OP) may directly remove this comment by clicking [here](*

Great Blue Hole (Belize)

I’ve actually been there! We went Scuba Diving in the hole, went down to like, 140 feet and I got nitrogen narcosis down there. It’s a feeling of being sort of drunk underwater for being so deep, and you can only get it once.

Global Warming Swimming Pool: Mumbai, India

When the planet gets hot, it’s accompanied by a pretty identical rise in CO2. There is a natural ceiling to those CO2 levels. Fun fact – CO2 level have *never ever* naturally been this high for as long as you can get palaeoclimatology data

High-speed photography turns waves to ice

Because, believe it or not, not everyone knows how a camera works. To someone who doesn’t understand the terms “shutter” “aperture” “exposure” etc they can gather a lot more information from “high speed photography”.