Top 1000 Sea Pictures

Sunset Near Monterey, CA

I lived in Monterey for about 5 years thanks to the military. Just moved away in March and this picture made me miss it. My friend’s ashes are floating in that bay somewhere. Will always be my home away from home. Thank you for

Great White sharks can grow to be quite large.

My grandfather is a SCUBA instructor. There are photos of everyone in my family (except me) swimming with sharks. My grandfather says Jaws is his favorite comedy. According to them, sharks don’t like living victims. If they attack one, it is an error.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

[Here is the original source.]( Please do searches to try and credit the original author. I will leave this up since I cant get it to open with only the picture. Just do the research next time to avoid your post being removed.

Amazing seascape painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

Hope it’s okay to post paintings here; just thought this sub would be perfect for showcasing Aivazovsky’s art. He paints seascapes exclusively*, and they’re breathtaking. Original image hosted here: * Edit: corrected by /u/ominous_spinach below – he paints a variety of themes, not

Waves crashing into a lighthouse.

When I was young, around 8 years old, I saw a poster of this in a store. I said to my dad, “Wow, imagine what it would be like to be that guy.” And a lady I had never met before came from around

“Thor’s Well” – Cape Perpetua, Central Oregon Coast.

Source: [Thor’s Well]( by [Daniel Cheong]( on [](

A Storm Coming In. Abaco, Bahamas

Thanks! I love that place. The small barrier island just to the right out of frame is my favorite beach in that area! Has some old abandoned house up at the top, you should check it out if you haven’t already!

“Seventy Islands” in Palau, Micronesia.

Photographer unknown. [This is the source]( The islands are also called “Rock Islands”, also “Chelbacheb” and also “Ngerukewid”. There’s an even more [surreal view]( by Gunther Deichmann, but I couldn’t find a high-res version of it.


That’s the Oceanographic Museum…really great place to visit actually. I love the historical science stuff on the one floor. Makes you feel like you’ve stepped back into the 1800’s. The aquarium downstairs is awesome too.

Glass Beach, California

Second post in this subreddit! 🙂 I found this picture somewhere on Reddit. I’m aware of posting this is a bit of a gamble as I’m not entirely sure on what counts as Seaporn, that’d probably fit better at beachporn but I don’t think