Top 1000 Sea Pictures

La Jolla, CA

I went snorkeling from some sea kayaks there once. We came back to shore and there were thousands of tiger sharks in the water!

Ocean-side seating.

99% sure this is Chania, Crete. If you image search Chania Greece Breakwater you will find this image:

Sunset flickering over Gdansk, Poland

Source: [Sunset]( by [Karol Nienartowicz]( on [](

Waterspout in Tampa Bay

That’s why Florida has so many palm trees. They are naturally resilient to wind and will sometimes be the only thing left standing after a hurricane or tornado. They have a giant rootball instead of long shallow branching roots that anchors them really well,

Man o War out of water

I was swimming off the coast of South Padre Island (Texas) once when I was a young teen. I saw what I thought was a purple balloon about 5 feet from me. It took about three seconds to realize it was a Portuguese man-of-war.

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Wow, that’s awesome! This photo was taken a year ago when I visited Jekyll, St Simons, and Driftwood Beach! I’ll probably be going back up that way, all the way up the Atlantic coast once I turn 18 and this is definitely one of