Top 1000 Sea Pictures

Wave in Bali, Indonesia

Sure. Just kind of a rule of thumb, the steepest nicest waves generally are going to be breaking in pretty shallow water. That’s what makes it work. The swell comes out of deeper water and hits the shallow water of the reef, rock, or

“Baby Bridge” Aruba.

Which bay is this in exactly? I am creating a bucket list of places to visit, and I would really like to see this! Are you able to give a Google Maps link to where it should be? Thank you!

West side of Ohau, Hawaii

South of Kaeana Point, a few hundred yards past Kaneana Cave, just past the Moi Hole, if that helps. Not sure if that’s part of Kaena Point trail or not?


Here’s a link to a higher resolution [4288×2416]: Imgur down-scales very hi-res images.

La Jolla, CA

I went snorkeling from some sea kayaks there once. We came back to shore and there were thousands of tiger sharks in the water!

Ocean-side seating.

99% sure this is Chania, Crete. If you image search Chania Greece Breakwater you will find this image:

Sunset flickering over Gdansk, Poland

Source: [Sunset]( by [Karol Nienartowicz]( on [](

Waterspout in Tampa Bay

That’s why Florida has so many palm trees. They are naturally resilient to wind and will sometimes be the only thing left standing after a hurricane or tornado. They have a giant rootball instead of long shallow branching roots that anchors them really well,
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