A back-lit wave on West Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

This spot is located a few miles past Makaha beach on the island of O’ahu at a location called Makua beach. It is at the foot of Makua valley. The actual surf spot, which is a very popular location for taking photographs, is called

Fort Jefferson, Florida

Dry Tortugas National Park, awesome place. I used to go camping there, though I’m not sure if they still allow overnight camping on the island. It was a great place, you could trade the local shrimp and lobster fisherman cigarettes and beer for huge

Beautiful day at St. Maartin

I’ve been twice. What I like to do is walk ALLLLL the way down past the shops and stuff, past the chairs and umbrellas on the beach. Eventually you get to an open area where people aren’t trying to rent out things to you

Here comes the storm! Pompano Beach, FL

Thanks! Believe it or not, I was actually just waist deep. It was late afternoon so the light was already lower and the water just had a really dark look to it as the storm rolled out to sea. Got the camera down as

Lake George

I have a million and one fond memories of Lake George. My family meets up there for a reunion every year. I even swam across it one year – though that’s not as impressive as it sounds, it was only about a mile at

Summer breeze

[Lake Balaton](https://www.google.hu/search?q=lake+balaton&newwindow=1&safe=off&biw=1336&bih=701&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=GT4zVYaJIMr9aMGFgbgI&sqi=2&ved=0CDgQsAQ)

Lake in Norway

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Frozen waterfall from inside, Dolomites, Italy

** EDIT ** It has come to my attention, that this IN FACT may be [Minnehaha Falls](http://i.imgur.com/WKrhX.jpg). If this is the case, I apologize for my research error. I was looking at Dolomite Landscapes and waterfalls and found this. I will remove it if

Taken a couple years ago in Grand Haven, MI

Exactly! About a year back I got a stand up paddleboard and got relatively proficient on it. On calm water. Took it out on Lake Michigan on a day when the waves were pumping up a little higher than normal, and the abnormal way

Aquarium in Okinawa

All of the whale sharks in these aquariums have been caught from the wild and die within 2 years of being captured (normal lifespan is approx 16 years). And no one has ever successfully been able to breed whale sharks in captivity. They are

Try Tortugas National Park, Gulf of Mexico

You have to take a boat to get there. It’s about almost 2 hours each way. You can camp on the island, but you have to get a permit with the national park and there are only about 8 camp spots–no running water on

Geneva, Switzerland – Junction of two rivers

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